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A data center is defined as a huge repository to store our precious data. As the amount of data produced, is increasing day by day, so is the need for reliable and large data centers. [1] [2] [3] However, have you ever thought, what makes a data center business successful? Well, there are many factors behind it but the most important factor is the data center power because without a sufficient supply of power, all the equipment at the data center are just a scrap and hence it renders a data center useless.

In this article, we will explain to you the basic power design of a data center and its various requirements, what power design practices need to be avoided and finally.

The Basic Data Center Power Design and its Requirements:

All the IT equipment at a data center including servers, computer systems, temperature control systems etc. need a sufficient amount of power supply. Usually, this power is supplied through an external power source either directly or indirectly. In the direct connection, you connect the main power supply directly to all your devices whereas, in the indirect connection, you connect the main power supply and the devices via the help of an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) so that you can save your devices from voltage fluctuation[4] s. Moreover, you also have a backup power plan such as a generator, which helps you in case of main power supply failure.

The main requirements or the expectations that a data center is supposed to meet are as follows:

●      Data Security

●      Reliability

●      Performance

●      Efficiency

●      Disaster Recovery

●      Fault Tolerance

What are the Common Data Center Design Practices that need to be avoided?

In the scope of this article, we will talk about the most common blunders that are needed to be avoided while making the power design. These practices are listed below:

➢    Wrong Power Calculation: While calculating the power requirements, try to be as precise as you can. Remember that the power supply you are getting is expensive and is not unlimited so you have to utilize it efficiently. Never overestimate your power usage because this can lead to the wastage of power. Even if you do overestimate your power, then you should employ such power control systems that automatically cut down the power supply once your power requirement is met.

➢    Single Point of Failure: Never connect your main power supply directly with your data center equipment as all your equipment will fail in case of power fluctuations or main power supply failure. [5] Always employ a middleware such as UPS.[6] 

➢    Insufficient Wiring: Never connect your equipment with the UPS using short-length wires as they heat-up and wear out quickly. Always try to use sufficiently long wires.

➢    Temperature and Humidity: Never ignore these two factors as they can let your devices heat-up quickly and can render them useless. [7] Always employ temperature and humidity control systems in your data center.


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